CdMerge(TM) - A tool for merging Cdplayer.ini file
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Welcome to CdMerge(TM) Web page!

CdMerge.exe is a native Win32 application for Windows 95/98
Windows 2000 and Windows NT.

The CdMerge.exe program is designed for importing new CD's data
Into your own local CD database - the CdPlayer.ini file in the 'Windows' directory.

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CdMerge preview.
How to use CdMerge.exe
The CdMerge looks for the CdPlayer.ini in your Windows directory.
In case it is found (it usually is), it is loaded as the Target list (the right pane).

After selecting your Source file (any other file in CdPlayer.ini format)
You will have two lists - Source and Target - containing CD data.
The two lists can now be merged into one, while making sure each entry
Appears only once.

Why do I need CdMerge?
* You need CdMerge if you want to import a CdPlayer.ini file from your friend's computer into yours.
(You borrowed a CD/s from your friend, but you don't want to type its information)

* You need CdMerge if you are using more then one CD player, and each one of them have its own
Data base, you can use CdMerge to combine them all to your main CdPlayer.ini file.
(usually, a CD player software searching for the CD detailes in the CdPlayer.ini file,
Before it building or updating its own data base.)

* You need CdMerge if you are using a CD player software which have its own data base and can
Export CD/s in cdplayer.ini file format,you use CdMerge to merge it with your main CdPlayer.ini file.

* You need CdMerge if you want to edit or view your CdPlayer.ini file. using CdMerge you can
Delete a CD from the file, or view the whole CD details while browsing the CDs list one by one.

CdMerge.exe Features:
* Auto Find: Selecting a line in the source or the target list,
Will search for the CD in the other list

* Show CD details: Double clicking on any CD title in the source
Or targe list, will show the CD details.

* Merge preview: Pressing the "Merge preview" button will show the source list of CD's
Minus the ones that already exist in the target file.

* Merge files: Pressing the "MERGE IT!" button will merge the source list data
Into your local target file.

* Delete CD: Pressing the "Delete CD" will delete the highlighted CD entry from the
Corresponding file.

* Search CD: Pressing the "Search CD" button will enable you to search for a CD in the
Source/target list by the following criteria:
Search by CD index.
Search by CD Id.
Search by CD artist.
Search by CD title.

* Auto Backup: When you add new CDs to your target file, or when you delete CD from your
Target or source file, a backup of the previous version of the file
You modified is saved in the History directory which locating under
The CdMerge main directory.
You can restore the previous file using the menu item: History->Backup...
Then select a backup file from the list and press the "Restore" button.
After you confirmation, the file will load to the source (the left) pane.

* Log window: Pressing the "Log window" button will display a list of all your previous actions:
CD merge.
CD deletion from source file.
CD deletion from target file.

This application was designed and programmed by Eli Dassa on Saturday 28/08/99
GUI and Help file by Roy Shashua.

E-Mail Bugs and/or Questions to:
Eli -
Roy -

Thank you for using CdMerge!

This program is freeware, Enjoy!

Click on the link for start downloading the application:

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